About Us

Cleveland Coffee Company - est. 2003



The Cleveland Coffee Company is a locally owned and operted small batch roaster, dedicated to providing quality and perfection.

We pursue top grade Arabica green coffee from world importers that support farmers who maintain a belief in social, enviromental and economic values.

We provide the richest aroma and flavor, for the highest coffee experience.

For the most flavorful cup of coffee:

  • Freshly ground coffee is the best.
  • 2 tablespoons of fresh ground coffee for every 6 ounces of fresh boiled water (195-205 degrees)
  • Shorter brewing methods equals finer grind.
  • Press Pot/French Press equals coarse grind and steep for 4 minutes.
  • Store coffee in air-tight, non-transparent containers at room temperature.


  • Acidity - neither acidic nor sour, an acidy coffee is brisk and bright. The darker a coffee is roasted, the less acidy it becomes.
  • Body - the sensation of heaviness in the mouth. Roasting coffee to a medium to dark brown increases the body.
  • Aroma - The wonderful smell before the taste.
  • Complexity - allows certain strong sensation such as acidity and sweetness to coexist.
  • Sweet - the development of sugars, gives the cup a soft rounded taste and rich body.
  • Earthy - derived from the coffees of the dry processing method, in which coffee is dried with the fruit attached to the bean.