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Specialty Blends

Jose! Jose!

$13.50 per pound

Jose! Jose! Always a homerun. Great to team up again with Jose Ramirez of the Cleveland Indians for this deliciuos fresh roasted blend.

Proceeds of your purchase will benefit Shanerock and support thier mission to assist families fighting pedactric cancer.

Enjoy this fresh roast of a medium roast blend Guatemalan and full medium Colombian roast. Medium to bright acidity with hints of fruit and chocolate. Medium body and clean finish.

 Available thru December 31st 2018

Specialty Blends

Bright Side Blend

$13.50 per pound

Light to medium Roast Costa Rican and Dark roast Honduran.
Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown
Balanced acidity, clean, flavorful cup

Each purchase of the Bright Side Blend, a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Barry Winovich Endowed Chair for ALS Research at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. The Bright Side of the Road Foundation's goal is to provide researchers with a steady stream of income in order to find a cure for ALS.

Bright Side of the Road Foundation

Specialty Blends

Mokka Java

$13.50 per pound

Light to Medium roast Ethiopian and Dark roast Java

Organic, Rain Forrest Alliance, Shade Grown

Balance acidity, notes of chocolate and strawberry


Tanzania Peaberry

$13.50 per pound

Full Medium Roast

Specialty Grade

Crisp, Citrus tones, Nice Finish

Africa - Ethiopia


$13.50 per pound

Medium Roast
Shade Grown
Low/Medium Acidity, Mild Earthy, Floral lemon, Hints of Stawberry

Asian Pacific - Sumatra


$13.50 per pound

SUMATRA Gayoland

Dark Roast
Organic, Shade Grown
Full Body, Earthy

Central America - Costa Rica

La Amistad

$13.50 per pound

Light/Medium Roast
Fair Trade - Organic - Shade Grown
Slightly Acidic - Nice Body - Balance cup

South America - Colombia

Valle de Cauca

$13.50 per pound

Dark Roast
Organic - Rainforest Alliance - Bird Friendly 
Medium Body, Balanced, Sweet Cheery and Chocolate notes

South America - Peru

La Florida

$13.50 per pound

Medium Roast
Organic, Fair Trade,Shade Grown,Bird Friendly
Full Body, smooth, hints of milk chocolate



$13.50 per pound

Swiss Water Process